The Purpose of Baywood Park Community Church is to Bring People Closer to Christ by Making and Maturing disciples for Him.

"We Believe"

The Bible is absolutely free from error, and is our sole authority in all matters of life and faith. God's gift of Salvation and forgiveness of sin is received by each individual graciously through faith alone in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ, which was validated and shown to be acceptable to God by his bodily resurrection. Membership in BPCC is for those who have trusted Christ as their own personal savior, and who wish to join us in doing His work here on Earth. Baptism is our outward testimony to others of our personal faith in Jesus Christ. Our financial policy is to invite God's people to support His work by voluntary gifts in accordance to God's leading and provision. Communion, or "The Lord's Table" is a memorial, observed by Christians, of the Person whose body was given and whose blood was shed for our salvation. As we look toward the future, we endeavor to grow spiritually in knowledge and love of our Lord, and to grow numerically by faithfully communicating His message of grace and love to those around us.